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1982 Vanage VP820 guitar and Vox AC30 amplifier


Steve Moss is a lefty guitarist and drummer, originally from Worcester, MA.

Much like the first solo albums of Paul McCartney and Emitt Rhodes, Glorified Demos - an indie rock collection by way of mid-sixties Liverpool and early-seventies basements - was recorded at home, with Steve playing every instrument and performing every production role himself.

The garage pop anthems on Glorified Demos began simply: "The whole project started as a proof of concept - testing out ideas as I wrote." Early simple experiments rapidly grew in both ambition and polish into fully fleshed-out arrangements and performances. Glorified Demos was released in October 2004.


In the 15 years since, Steve has played around Albany, NY solo and as a band member, while contributing artwork to over a dozen video games. 

He is currently writing and recording new material.

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